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Plattekill Mountain Stats

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Plattekill Statistic
Summit Elevation 3,300 feet
Base Elevation 2,200 feet
Vertical Drop 1,100 feet
# Trails 35
Trail Miles 12 miles
Longest Run 2 miles
Skiable Area 95 Acres
# Lifts 3
Uphill Capacity 4,500 / hour
Annual Snowfall 190 inches
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Plattekill Mountain Profile

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Plattekill LogoPlattekill Mountain is located high in the western Catskill Mountains surrounded by farmland and forest. In some ways Plattekill is the anti-resort without hotels, slopeside accommodations or high speed lifts. But, you do get a location that historically receives some of the deepest snows in the Catskills and a steep, continuous 1100’ vertical drop, serviced by 2 chairlifts that provide skiing on 38 trails.

The mountain skis big, yet retains an old school, wholesome feel providing a pure, unadulterated ski experience. There are few if any lift lines, trails are uncrowded and the snow surface rarely gets skied off. Every trail leads to the one base area, which is great for families with younger children.

The mountain has two peaks, one serviced by a Hall double chair, the other by a Hall triple. The view from the base of the mountain can feel intimidating to novices — it's dominated by Plattekill’s expert terrain, including Blockbuster, Freefall, Plunge and Northface, which are some of the steepest runs in the Catskills.

However, there is a significant amount of terrain suitable for both novices and intermediates. Many classic, natural snow trails, like Ridge, Twist, Bail-out and Overlook wind their way down following the contours of the mountain. These trails offer a glimpse back to the way skiing used to be. In addition, the two-mile long Powder Puff trail from the top of the triple chair is the perfect trail to introduce new skiers and riders to the entire mountain. There is also a new learning center located in the base area that is serviced by its own handle tow. This provides beginners their own slope without having other skiers on the same trail. The mountain also offers a separate tubing area and lift that gives skiers and non-skiers alike additional outdoor fun.

The base lodge is friendly and warm with natural timber beams. There is always a place to sit, change and eat even on "busy" weekends. The lodge has a ski shop, equipment rental center, a full service cafeteria and a bar with grilled pub food located on the third floor overlooking the slopes.

Plattekill is family owned and managed and has greatly expanded its snowmaking capabilities through the recent acquisition of many fan guns, compressors and grooming machines. There is also a continuing project that will largely expand the snowmaking pond located in the saddle between the mountains’ two peaks.

In addition to being known as a serious skier’s mountain, Plattekill is also known as one of the Northeast’s mountain biking meccas. It was one of the first mountains to offer lift serviced mountain biking in the east and has been doing so for nearly twenty years. It is host to numerous sanctioned mountain biking races throughout the warmer months. Plattekill is an undiscovered gem that offers something for everyone in a sport that has become more and more homogenized.

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