Valentine's Day Storm 2007 Snow Totals

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Valentines Day Snow Storm

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Valentine's Day Storm 2007: NOAA Storm Synopsis

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"A complex, wide-reaching winter storm moved from the mid-Mississippi Valley into the mid-Atlantic and New England February 14 and 15. The strong storm produced widespread snowfall across the mid-Atlantic, bringing the heaviest amounts to interior regions of the Northeast. Snowfall amounts exceeded 20 inches throughout large parts of New York and New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island), but the heavily populated urban corridor—from Washington, D.C., to Boston—received less than 5 inches. While the highest amounts were outside the largest urban areas of the Northeast, the storm's ranking as Category 3 reflects its massive size and the high snowfall totals in less populated areas of the region.

Hardest hit were the Adirondack Mountains in New York and northern Vermont. Storm totals exceeded 30 inches in places such as Cooperstown, N.Y., (33 inches) and Canaan, Vt., (31 inches). More than 20 inches fell in Gorham, N.H., (26 inches) and Syracuse, N.Y., (22 inches)."